dead wrong

dead wrong

call me
a crazy
but if
pat robertson
is right
about any
of the
he preaches,
I would
much rather
be dead

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Written in response to a prompt (can’t remember where I found it). The prompt was to describe one thing using five or more different words.
Plus, Pat Robertson is a whack-job. His gang seems to think that, by protecting people with “evil” sexual preferences (like us queers) from hate crimes, that suddenly bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia will become legal and also protected.
I… have no idea how people can make a jump like that mentally. Then again, to them, it’s all the same thing. Anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what they do will tear down society and there will be homosexual orgies in schoolyards around America. “And another American family is destroyed!” After all, every dyke and fag is a criminal with a hidden agenda, just waiting to rise to power and paint the whole world with rainbows or something. I don’t understand why they have to hate us for who we love.
Garfunkel and Oates did a great song in response to one of his many offensive comments. It is a thing of beauty.

Actually, that destroying American family quote is from a really funny clip of Lewis Black’s stand-up routine. Start it at like 3:35, it’s when he does the whole “gay banditos” bit. If you’re offended by swearing or people standing up for human rights, I don’t suggest you watch it. Actually… I still suggest you watch it; it’ll be good for you to expand your mental horizons.



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