The Leaving Bell

The Leaving Bell

the children ran out of the school
the moment the bell rang
the leaving bell
it was scarcely to be heard
over the sound of their delighted screams
at the puddles and worms awaiting them.
mothers waited at the bus stop
for their muddy offspring,
to lead them home in lines like
the ducks led their ducklings to
the overflowing river.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011

For the prompt at Beyond Rhyme or Reason. I used the words children, bus stop, rain, and instead of faces, I used mother.

Now I’m actually going to bed this time.

EDIT: I also posted this at Poetic Asides. The prompt was for a leader or follower poem. 🙂



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3 responses to “The Leaving Bell

  1. You could also post this under “Lead and Follow” at Poetic Asides for Day 26 (when you get up, LOL). Loved the allusion to ducklings, because I saw ducks walking by our apartment sliding doors today. Reminded me a bit of the Madeline stories! In solidarity, Amy

    Here’s one I wrote today:

    • Ooh, where do I find that community? Sounds like fun!
      Squeeeeee I love ducklings because of the crazy amounts of cute! They’re so fluffy and yellow, and the quacks!! I swear, if I see more than like 3 of ’em, I implode in utter joy. It’s messy, what with the internal organs and skeletal structure melting due to cuteness overload.

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