Baseball Blues

This week’s Three Word Wednesday prompt is a good one: foolish, mercy, relish. Let’s see how you think I did.

Baseball Blues

Ketchup and relish dripped
Off the side of a hot dog
As the children watched,
Horrified by the home team.

Out after out after out,
The foolish men on the field
Couldn’t seem to make it;
Little shoulders drooped.

As the runs mounted higher
In the opponents’ favour,
The smallest began to cry
At his first baseball game ever.

The oldest lad, who had seen
It all -had caught a foul ball
Just last week- shared some
Wisdom with the group:

“You win some, you lose some.”
What mercy or comfort is in that?
The littlest fan wondered,
But dried his tears to cheer harder.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

It’s always disappointing when your team loses, especially if it’s the first time you’ve gone to see them in the stadium. I’m not really a sports person, normally. In fact, I can’t watch baseball- it’s like watching paint dry for me, haha. Hockey’s not bad on TV (I’m not insane enough to sell a leg to buy Leafs tickets), and lacrosse is awesome anywhere, but baseball’s really only fun if you’re playing.



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16 responses to “Baseball Blues

  1. I’m not too sportsy either, except when they show curling at the Olympics, and then I go nuts! Sort of odd… and I am a Chicago Cubs fan in memory of Grandma Blanche, who famously said that being a Cubs fan “builds character.” (They always lose!)

    This was a nice way to put yourself in the shoes of that little person and see the child learn what the grown-ups SHOULD know but don’t often display: The fun is in the play, not the win/lose of it all. Amy

  2. It is always great to win but even better to know how to lose. I thought you poem was beautiful as the little one started to learn that lesson.

  3. earlybird

    Really original use of the prompts, Bee. Nice poeml.

  4. Well, I must admit I enjoy sports…although I prefer participating to viewing. It’s the competition I guess…and the certainty….there is a winner and a loser (that;s why they keep score)…things not so evident in real life. The piece really brought me back to my first game …a wonderful memory…thanks for the ticket back. Very well done. Vb

    • The certainty is a great part of sports, and getting out and exercising (something I should do more; poetry isn’t particularly athletic as far as working the ol’ bod, haha).
      😀 You are very welcome, and thanks for reading. Hearing the stories of what poetry brings to people is the best.

  5. you described a baseball game perfectly.Very nice

  6. this was a fun read. I’ve been on both sides of this poem and I can say, winning is much better, but in a loss, there are lessons to be learned.

    • Thank you! I like to win as well, but losing isn’t all bad, as long as each side is graceful about the thing- no gloating. Unless you’re family, haha!

  7. very cute! and good moral to boot!

  8. I like the perspective of the littlest one, particularly in the last stanza. He(?) asks a great question, which would have been a fine ending, but then goes on to dry his tears and cheer harder – an even better ending. Thanks.


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