August 20

August 20

the atmosphere is oppressive
weighing the world down
with clouds of words
synonyms for pity

tornado warning for the area
but the sky is
a perfect shade of purple
just enough green-grey
to make things
that much more interesting

a cloud wraps around my arm
dragging down my sleeve
while beer cries
drink me drink deep
and whiskey
sings a drunken lullaby

that oppressive atmosphere
lifts a sodden arm
jubilation jubilation
take comfort in a friend
of a friend or a stranger
not as though the world is empty

as I fall asleep on a couch
the rain tap-dances
on my consciousness and
a closed window
the storm will pass so
light may come again

hailstorms hurricanes blizzards
a whirligig of creatures in the night
hold onto your umbrellas friends
it’s a rough night for the wicked.

© Bridget Noonan, 2009, 2011.

Wrote this a while back, as you may have noticed from the year listed. Headache is kicking my ass. I took some crap for it, which worked for a little while. Not even a dark quiet cool place has helped. If an ice pack and more ibuprofen doesn’t help, I’m out of ideas.



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6 responses to “August 20

  1. earlybird

    Hope the head is better…

    I particularly liked the description of the sky and the atmosphere and this:
    ‘the rain tap-dances
    on my consciousness and
    a closed window’

    • Thank you! My headache is finally gone; it was a rough night, but hopefully if I start taking allergy meds I won’t get them so often.

      😀 That’s one of my favourite parts as well. That, and the sky that night- it looked like someone beat the ever-loving crap outta the sky, all bruised-looking. And that ozone smell from all the lightning! We don’t get tornadoes often up here (couple times a decade), so it was pretty freaky.

  2. Agree with Earlybird…the sky descriptions are vivid…and the link to your emotions excellent. This was a very artistic piece…what I mean by that is that it has texture…you can feel it. Nice work. Don’t get headaches much, but am told I am a carrier! Get well. Vb

    • Thanks :D. That’s what I was hoping- that the emotion was palpable throughout the piece. I’ve been working on that one since I wrote it two years ago. When I remember that night I can still feel my best friend’s car rocking as we drove carefully home from my work because the winds were so high.
      Honestly, one of my favourite parts of Canada is our sky- it’s so huge here, unless you’re stuck in the centre of a city. It makes for great poetry, and amazing storm-watching.

  3. Sorry about your headache. I’m always one for hot pads, myself.
    What a vivid portrait! I was with you from every barometric shift to every swill from the various bottles! Take care, little Bee. Amy

    • I’m much better today, thanks Amy 🙂
      Ooh heating pads are great for headaches- I just didn’t have the patience to wait for it to get warm enough hehe. Bag of frozen peas is muuuuch faster.

      😀 Yeah, we don’t get tornado warnings here often, and I thought for sure we’d get hit in my town from the way the sky looked. A couple power lines went down as I recall, but that was from the wind and lightning. I am not ashamed to say that I was more than a little freaked out that night. But my friends and I had plans that night (couple beers in my backyard was the order of the day) and we weren’t gonna let some storm stop our night; we just moved the festivities to the safety of my basement, lit by a bunch of candles ’cause the power was out.

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