Organized Rejection

Read the thing after the poem before you trash me, please.

Organized Rejection

I refuse to kneel before their god
and have the foul taste of his
name in my mouth–

I refuse to worship on my knees
pleading for mercy to a white-haired
mockery of the old gods and old ways–

(though his son’s a decent fellow
at least, despite the atrocities committed by
their many flocks of warring sheep–)

I refuse to be silenced
as loud as they can be I will shout louder
will not be gagged or beaten by him–

I refuse to beg for salvation
while this god of abraham has gotten off
on grabbing our heads and shoving them down–

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Honestly, I don’t hate religion. I just dislike what it does to people- the sort of people who don’t stop and examine what they believe and why, and use it as an excuse to hurt and hate others. “You don’t believe exactly what I do, so you are wrong and a terrible human being! And you’re going to hell! I will not re-evaluate my position on anything because someone said that inflexible thinking is mandated by the Bible!” or something. You know.

It’s much easier to point at the figurehead and blame it instead of the people carrying out the so-called message. And yes, I am also guilty of generalizing here.


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