Cynical Self-Portrait

This is for the Three Word Wednesday prompt this week. Grace, jitter, and thin.

Here we go!

Cynical Self-Portrait

grace of a hippopotamus in a tutu
fashion sense of an angry punk teen
elegance of a drunken sailor on shore leave
deaf as a sixty year-old rock musician
confidence of a jittery caffeine addict
bubbly as a puddle of paint thinner
and yet,

artistry bravery clarity decency
eloquence fairness & gravitas.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.



Filed under Poetry

12 responses to “Cynical Self-Portrait

  1. Great similes here from A to G. A lot of fun. Thanks for your visit I am glad you were able to recapture your own childhood from the reading of it.

    • Thank you! I had thought about an A to Z or at least A to M, but I didn’t like the idea of forcing it to fit. 🙂 Your bit about the kids was great- I said it before but it bears repeating

  2. 🙂 wonderful potpourri of words to paint a self portrait.

  3. Cool bananas! sorry I missed this last week!!

  4. yummy entry.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

    the link is in my post.

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