Strike Anywhere

Woo! Yesterday I got to a thousand hits on the ol’ blog! Only a month into the thing. Man, that’s cool. Is that good, for a blog? I feel good about it.

And the things I don’t feel good about today? Fuck ’em, who needs that bullshit.
So in the spirit of “fuck ’em, who needs that bullshit”, I present a poem. It’s about the end of the world as we know it, I guess. I actually kind of hope we as humans take ourselves out- it’s kind of our turn, since we’ve toasted so many other species on purpose (and who knows how many by accident). A love song to “mere anarchy” being “loosed upon the world”, I suppose. (Yay, Yeats)

Of Kerosene and Phosphorous,


Strike Anywhere

All it takes is a flick
The mix of certain chemicals
But the result can be so
Destructively beautiful.

Sometimes I wish others were as
Carelessly cautious as I am,
Striking matches on curbs
To light a sly cigarette, and
Firmly stomping stray embers-
Just in case.

What freedom, to let go;
To dance while the world
Burns around us like Nero;
To help it along with a splash
Of gasoline, ethanol or kerosene.

Let us drink to the end of the world!
Let go of inhibitions, and do
Do exactly what we feel is real
Live and love before out of time
Strike Anywhere and everywhere.

Pour a dram out for the dead
Grab your shot-glasses and matchbooks
For yesterday ceased to exist
And tomorrow isn’t coming to save us.

© Bridget Noonan, 2010, 2011.

And to continue this trend of recommending music to people, I suggest giving the album Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan a listen. That is, if you haven’t already; I think it’s been out for like thirty-five years, at least.

But seriously, this album is badass. Meet Me in the Morning; You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go; Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts; Buckets of Rain; Shelter From the Storm; and of course, Tangled Up In Blue (I tried to learn Shelter from the Storm on guitar… it didn’t go so well. Maybe I should take a whack at it again). I’m not as fond of tracks 3 or 4 (You’re a Big Girl Now and Idiot Wind), but they can’t all be winners. It’s a favourite of mine, particularly for long solo drives in shitty weather. That way no one’s bitching at me to put on music that wasn’t created before I was born, or bitching at all really, because I’m blissfully alone with tunes. (Driving is the best way to legitimately avoid my cell phone- I can’t talk or text while driving, and I won’t do it at a red light; it’s the best when you just want the world of obligations and people and annoyance to go away without the inconvenience to others of actually shutting the stupid thing off.)

Music is inspirational for me during the writing process – and since the writing process never seems to end for me, this shit happens all the time. I’ll listen to a song and remember a poem that I wrote a while back and be like: oh yeah! I wanted to fix that up, and I know how to do that now, what word to use, how to feel the flow, or whatever.  (This is what happened about an hour ago with Tangled Up in Blue, and Strike Anywhere- I don’t really understand how it works, just that it does)


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