Friends are Awesome

I’m in such a wonderful mood today! Buzzing with the energy of spring, I think. That, and sitting the patio of my favourite pub with a great friend, nachos and a pint of beer is the best way to dine- we don’t have to do the dishes! 😛

Onto the reason you came here: poetry! This is just something I scribbled down.

untitled or happiness or to be decided when it’s finished

Time is a fickle beast,
Making fools of us all.
At one instant, time leaps forward
And others, it slows to a dreary crawl.
But always the company of friends
Brings wonder and joy to the time we have.
An hour of laughter can mean more
Than a week alone. Home may be where
The heart lives, but love is best found
With a good book, or great companions.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

I’m still fixing some other Fibonacci poems, but they’ll be up here before too long. And that bout-rime is still giving me headaches. Plus my novel, but I made a breakthrough with that earlier today, so it will hopefully be much easier from now on.



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4 responses to “Friends are Awesome

  1. Dinner at a pub with a friend…doesn’t get any better than that! Could feel your exuberance when reading this. Vb

    • Definitely! Pub grub is the best, especially the spot down the street from my house. Their nacho plate brings strong men to their knees in ecstasy. Multicoloured nachos, beefy chili with those yummy beans, sausage slices, chicken chunks, like four kinds of shredded melty cheese, tons of veggies, every pepper known to mankind, salsa sour cream and guacamole on the side… I don’t recommend ordering it unless you and at least one other person are seriously hungry, or you’ll end up taking half of it home. Plus, the beer there just tastes better.

      Hee, that’s what I aim for: evoking and expressing emotion. My art is my life. 😀

  2. What are we without friends? I dare not try to find out.
    I just wanted to say I liked this poem and since I took the time to read it, it only made sense to let the author know of my appreciation of it. 🙂

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