A Good Man

This is my offering for Three Word Wednesday. The words are skid, damp and incensed.

A Good Man

The altar was lit and incensed
As the believers trudged
Through double doors,
Damp footsteps on the floors.

Though the leader was nowhere
To be found! Normally there
To greet the flock coming in,
He’s never late to begin.

While the mass of people wonder,
They hear the clatter like thunder
As their priest comes skidding
Into the church, robes dripping.

And so, despite his late start,
The people hold him in their heart
As he speaks the word of their god
They try to follow, not to nod

Off to sleep this early morning
And disappoint him, yawning.
In his homily he wants to relate
Exactly why he was a little late

But he knows his congregation
Isn’t much for congratulation
Even though he rescued three ducklings
Lost and alone from making crossings

From one side of the street to
The next again, looking for who
Could be their mother or father; and now
He takes care of three wee ducks, how?

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Well, that was very silly, but kind of nice. Needs work, as usual, but I’m okay with that. I’ll let it stew for a couple months, then bust it out again.

EDIT: I have also posted it on Sunday Scribblings.



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7 responses to “A Good Man

  1. Aww… cute! This one would also work well under yesterday’s Sunday Scribblings prompt (better late than never).

  2. I feel like I should make some sort of comment on this priest’s need to shepherd some kind of flock, help them in the most selfless way possible, and if necessary he’ll chivvy a group of ducks about town to satisfy his need to be needed.

  3. I think I’d like him :o) Wonderful poem.

  4. a good man indeed,
    love your wondrous mind,
    well done,


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