It Must Be Thursday

I can’t believe that I didn’t bring a towel with me yesterday! It was the most glorious of holidays: Towel Day. 😦
If you can hitchhike across the galaxy and still know where your towel is, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Now for a poem.

It Must Be Thursday

I could never get
the hang of Thursdays;
there is just something
disorganized in
my mind, or perhaps
the day after mid-
week but before week-
end is by nature
messy on purpose.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Well, at least it’s not quite Vogon poetry.



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2 responses to “It Must Be Thursday

  1. Bee, you know the real problem with Thursdays is that you’re hung over from the Hump Night Happy Hour the night before! 😉

    Listen to your other mother. Drink lots of water before you go to bed!! A

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