dang it’s hot out tonight

It’s almost 3am, and yet 28 degrees Celsius, and with the humidity it feels like 36 (which, for you strange folks using Farenheit, is about 82.4 and 96.8 degrees, respectively). Can’t sleep; too hot and sticky. Bleh. I kind of miss winter.
Maybe it’s time to have a quick icy shower?


the shimmering heat
rises from my dark pavement
night brings no relief

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.



Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “dang it’s hot out tonight

  1. earlybird

    Good senryu.

  2. I hear you about this. First hot stretch for us here, and the air-conditioner is out and I have to wait until tomorrow for the repairperson!

    • Oooh that smarts. We have to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday- I’m pretty sure the times I’m not working will be spent in the library when it’s open or lying on the basement floor when it isn’t! Can’t argue with free A/C and wireless internet.

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