Travelling Alone

I used to ride the Greyhound bus to Kitchener and Waterloo to visit my sister, and my friends from university. This, after a bit of tweaking, was how I occasionally felt in a bus full of strangers watching the world go by. It needs some more work but it’ll keep.

Travelling Alone

Watch the busiest highway in Canada:
It is dizzying, and tiring.
Where are they going in such a hurry?

The generic rented truck headed eastbound:
A man moving his only son back home
All the while disappointed that he dropped out.
‘Should have learned a trade, something useful,
Like your old man; take up plumbing.’

The westbound green van:
A gaggle of girls head into the city
Their first shopping trip downtown.
‘This is so great, turn up the radio Leanne.
I hope we can find decent parking.’

The red car taking the north offramp:
A tired grandmother on her third cigarette
Absentmindedly speaking on her cellphone.
‘Yes, I just got off work. I’m headed to the store.
I’ll pick up some dinner for you and your brother.’

The fancies occupy my mind so I can forget
Just how sad I am when I travel alone.

© Bridget Noonan, 2008, 2011.


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