Three Word Wednesday Two-Fer

I thought I might mess around with that Fibonacci thing I did before. Since I spaced on last week‘s Three Word Wednesday, I figured, why not do both this week? Last week was erratic, luminous, and omen, and this week is alter, fond and tranquil.

Also, these might be a bit weird; I have Baba O’Riley by the Who stuck in my head, and I’m not sure if that’s related to the weird. It’s a good song, don’t get me wrong, but I’m usually more for Led Zeppelin than the Who.

Bottom of the Ocean

for the
bait of the fearsome
anglerfish-  soothing light luring
its erratic  prey closer to the jaws of their doom.
it’s tough living at the bottom
of the ocean; see
omen of

© Bridget Noonan, 2o11.

Shakespeare Said It Best

Love allows no impediment to it,
Alters not with the changing winds. Instead,
It flows like rain from the heavens, collects
In our hearts, overflows in everything
We do.  Love is the bright sun in the sky,
Warming the seeds of fondness in this earth.
Turbulent seas calm in the face of love,
Stifling afternoons fade to tranquil nights.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.



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16 responses to “Three Word Wednesday Two-Fer

  1. Really good! The deep sea is a terrifying but fascinating place. Very unique take on the prompt

  2. I really like Shakespeare Does It Best. Testing the flavor of the Bard is a challenge. You knew what you wanted to say, and you did him proud.

    • Thank you. I see your poetry in its amazing iambic pentameter and sonnets, and I go, can I really do that? Can I say what needs to be said about Love, and the Bard, and life? It is difficult, but this was a good test for me. I’m going to try more poetry forms from now on I think.

  3. earlybird

    I particularly enjoyed the ominous threat in ‘Bottom of the Ocean’ – and you have some really good images in ‘SDIB’ – love warming seeds of fondness and then the last line: ‘Stifling afternoons fade to tranquil nights.’ Good.

  4. Hey, good stuff, and knocking out two week’s worth of words. Very proud of you.

    • Thanks Thom! I got sidetracked last week and didn’t manage to get anything done for that 3ww until this post, but I’m glad I did! It was a lot of fun coming up with these. I might even expand Shakespeare Said It Best. Still thinking about it.

  5. Little Bee, sorry I have been out of touch. Problems with blog, Riley is here, etc. But on first poem – CONGRATS on understanding grammar: There is a huge difference between “its” and “it’s” and most folks don’t get it. Also, the whole anglerfish thing freaked me out – GREAT write.

    The second, so gentle, so lovely. Interesting that two sides of you came out to play at Three Word. I loved the contrast, and here’s mine. Love, Amy

    • 🙂 Haha that is my huge thing too. I was the go-to gal for essay editing, and I got a lot of coffee in exchange for scribbling in red ink all over rough drafts. It’s and its, your and you’re, they’re there and their… always a problem! I find people write better when they read more, and not a lot of my generation take an interest in the written word. Kids these days, I tell ya! 😛

      Thanks Amy! I didn’t consciously do the contrast- funny how things just turn out that way! I was thinking about how peaceful the ocean’s surface can be, but when you look under it, it’s not still at all. I sometimes see myself that way- all cynicism, world-weary wisdom and wicked grins on the surface, but when ya get past the castle walls and spike pits, there’s sappy romance and rainbows too.

      Have fun with Riley 😀

  6. That Fibonacci thing is awesome.
    And the ocean can be so mysterious and wonderful at the same time.

    • Thanks Jess!
      That’s our last mysterious place, for people, I think. This vast, dangerous, beautiful place, so different from what we see on land. And it’s so hard to explore it! I have a healthy respect for anyone who has the guts to don an oxygen tank and jump in.

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