A Man of Substance

Not properly a sonnet, because I didn’t realize I was writing ten syllable lines until halfway through, but it’s still a quatorzain. It’s just a little something I wrote yesterday while I was thinking about a friend.

A Man of Substance

A man of substance had been led astray,
All he once loved had been taken away.
He stood, a broken sword, rooted in earth
In dying light of sun, doubting his worth.
No woman to hold, no children to scold,
As the setting sun turned brown hair to gold.
The man of substance and his faithful dog
Sat down on the hilltop, drowning in fog
With nowhere to turn, no hope of recourse
He wept to the heavens, bitter with loss.
With nothing to gain, and nothing to fear
His voice echoed richly but met no ear.
This man of substance had given his all
But courage alone can’t help with his fall.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.



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4 responses to “A Man of Substance

  1. Bee, where did THIS come from? Lovely. Not that your other writing is not lovely as well, but this seems like you are an older soul in a way. I will email you one I wrote about a similar woman, yet with a different outcome. In the meantime, no prompt for this one: http://sharplittlepencil.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/quiet-house-riot/

    • Thank you Amy 🙂 You know how to give a girl all the confidence she needs! My best friend says the same thing, about the old soul. I think it’s just that my brain is a sponge soaking up wisdom, common sense and bits of nonsense just to keep things interesting. 😀

      This is for, or about, a guy I know who’s had a rough time lately, and this is what I see when I look at him. A broken sword: it’s still shining even in pieces, but needs to be reforged to return to his true self.

      I look forward to reading the email!
      Love, Bee

  2. earlybird

    Infinitely sad.

    Although if I put it in the context of DSK, it’s not sad at all… just desserts.

    • DSK is the French politician in the news lately, yes?

      Thanks for reading earlybird 🙂 I don’t think I’ve stopped by your blog lately, which shall be remedied post-haste. It is very sad, and I hope my friend knows that leaning on the people who love him will get him through this.

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