Sunday Scribblings is the inspiration for this one. Keyword is opportunity. So I decided to use that as my title, and go from there.


Pressed against the glass
Pounding my fists in denial
This can’t be this can’t be this can’t
It’s just my luck, to be
Captured by my arch-nemesis
And he has just released the dogs.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

A good opportunity for the villain to maybe win against the hero in this one eh?

I find it so quaint when people think decisions are good or evil, black or white (unless the question is “which chess pieces do you wanna use?”, then it’s legit), light or dark, whatever you want to call it.

I live in the shades of grey. And I don’t want to be bound by other people’s morality.
I’m a staunch left-wing liberal lesbian socialist Canadian… who works for an appallingly bloated American business not known for their tolerance that’s sucking money from my country. Then again, it is just a part-time job, but there are some who have said that I am compromising my personal integrity. To which I say, I know exactly how this company treats the employees, but if ย I don’t work, I don’t eat, and there’s a thing called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that you should look into if you have a problem with that.



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13 responses to “Opportunity

  1. Interesting weaving here, the hero is trapped but will there be a chance to escape or not? Who knows, only the hero has the power to overcome the obstacle placed before them through sheer will, determination and a little luck.

    Also an interesting take on life below it but remember much like the hero in your offering, only you can determine what it is you want and how to get it. If it means you must bend a knee to the unsavory, then do so with gusto. It isn’t permanent. You will learn what you need to and move along to the next challenge.

    Have faith, it will get better.

  2. Being fed the hounds..applies to so many things in life..they have teeth but we are more clever..Jae

  3. that should be to the hounds! oops..

  4. Whoa! Opportunity indeed. Think! Act! Succeed!

    • Yep. I kind of see this protagonist as a James Bond sort of fellow; he’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve to get out of this pickle.
      Thank you for your comment Kim!

  5. Grace Walker

    There’s always a possibility of a positive outcome or happy ending. The amazing thing is how it is achieved. What will happen next?

  6. Hmmmm…this is generally when the story gets really interesting!

  7. love it.

    a piece of gold.

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