There is a Ghost

Hey fellas! I’m ba-aack…

Well, this one certainly got dug out of the deepest part of the archives! I wrote this so long ago. I was in such a different place, physically mentally emotionally spiritually grammatically… It was very loosely based on things in my brain. You know how they rattle around in there sometimes. Oh university. How things have changed!

There is a Ghost

There is a ghost who walks the streets
He does not laugh, he does not weep
Nor dance or sing, or anything
But blows across this empty town.

You see him here, you see him there
You see his walk, you see his stare
And not a sound you hear him make
And yet he haunts you just the same.

There is a ghost inside the house
Creeping quietly through the crack
Around the door, across the floor
And windows that are cold and black.

You see he was a quiet boy
Who knew no laughter and no joy
He casts no shadow on the floor
He casts no shadow through the door.

Instead he haunts your tired mind
Flitting image, fleeting horror
Smoky, seated at your bedside
No expression, hands intertwined.

You do not know his sorry tale
His woes, his fears or lively brain
His hair was bright, his eyes were dull
Secrets dogged his waking nightmare.

There is a ghost beside your door
But do not worry anymore
He comes to bring you to your sleep
Go with him now; your time has come.

© Bridget Noonan, 2007, 2011.

Well that was wonderfully weird!

You know, I must be truthful; I took the time off to give my brain a break. Summer is a great time to read a boatload of books.  I didn’t write much, aside from character sheets and things for my novel, which is still untitled. I’m not concerned. It’ll come to me when it comes, and not before.

Excerpt of what may be part of my novel coming up.


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