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The Versatile Blogger Award

Woo! So, The Lime has nominated me for this thing- the Versatile Blogger Award. Hooray! Thank you to . For serious, check out the poetry here, it is excellent.

So. There are rules, apparently:

  1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your acceptance post.
  2. Share seven (7) FACTS about yourself.
  3. Award 15-20 other bloggers the versatility award.
  4. Contact your nominees so they know you nominated them.


Seven Facts about Bee:

1. I have a really weird cat -then again, aren’t all cats weird? I think it is feline nature- that likes to stare at me while I write poetry. She’s the first one to hear my poems, and if they need work, she tells me so with that sardonic ear-flick tail-twitch stink-eye combo.
2. If I could eat only one food group for the rest of my life without dying of obesity or vitamin deficiency, I would live on fruit. So much delicious to choose from! Like mangoes and berries and grapes and citrus-y goodness and plums! (and I could still drink wine- booyah)
3.  My favourite colour is green, but I wear mostly muted colours, like navy and black and dark purple. But my car is green, and it makes me happy.
4.  At any given moment in time, I have a song stuck in my head. It really only bothers me if the same song sticks around for more than a day. The one in my head all day at work was Maneater, the cover version by Nelly Furtado rather than Hall and Oates (not that I don’t appreciate the 80s, but the new one is easier to dance to).
5. I probably drink too much peppermint tea.
6. I don’t swim very well, because drowning seems like a horrible way to die and I don’t entirely trust that I can float on top of the water. So if you’re planning on pushing me into a body of water, be advised that, if I don’t come up splashing and furious, I’m sinking to the bottom of said body of water whilst having a panic attack.
7. I want to learn a skilled trade, and spend some time doing something real. It doesn’t hurt that plumbers get paid pretty well.

My nominees are the following excellent blogs:

Amy, AKA sharplittlepencil
(if the rules let me, I’d nominate The Lime)
Leo -no need to respond to this one, I just read your post that you’re not doing awards any longer
sadly waiting for recess
Magical Mystical Teacher
Mad Kane
Mark, AKA awakenedwords
Paula, AKA whenwordsescape

And that’s all she wrote!


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