Master List of Poetry

This is a complete list of the poems I have posted so far in alphabetical order, with the first line beneath them if you’re like me, and need a bit of a jog to the memory. Enjoy!

Afternoon in Winter
“Winter: the season for hibernation,”

“The sting of a honey bee is”
August 20

“the atmosphere is oppressive”

Bakery -senryu
“The temptation grows”
“we are bare,”
Baseball Blues

“Ketchup and relish dripped”
“I am no one’s wife”
Bottom of the Ocean -Fibonacci form
But I Am Tired
“I’m sorry;”
The Butterfly and Bee
“I felt the strangest sense of deja-vu”

The Canadian Pastime
“The smell of chlorine permeates”
“no, I won’t”
Craft -haiku
“rasping steel saw blade”

“Three roads I see before my feet:”
Cynical Self-Portrait
“grace of a hippopotamus in a tutu”

dead fish
“pale insides of”
dead wrong

“call me”
“it was too much to hope”
“In the days before,”
The Doubtful Guest
“The doubtful guest entered slowly”

Echoes of Life
“Echoes of life linger here;”

“he strides the beach with”
“It was hot out”

fake it ’til you make it
“i’ll fake it and fake”
Fall From Grace
“the tension”
“I am running in place”

Gamer Joy -haiku
“I reached perfection”
The Ghosts of You and I
“the ghost of” 
Go the Distance

“There is much snow-covered road betwixt us;”
Gone -senryu
“I saw you today”
A Good Man
“The altar was lit and incensed”
“Floating elegance on tender wings”

Happy Birthday
“Begin a new year of life today”

I Don’t Want You
“This experimental phase is”
I Drew a Map of Love
“I could be your painter, darling;”
In Daddy’s Genes
“I am infected with that”
In Repair
“School had me feeling”
In the Violet Hour
“In the violet hour of evening,”
“Indomitably idealistic,”

“I will write my spirit on my skin”
Inside the Mind, Beyond the Stars
“The other night, I took a canoe trip”
Intolerance -haiku/senryu
“Why do you hurt me,”
Is it Beginning?
“It is all play:”
It Must Be Thursday
“I could never get”

Jenga -haiku
“Placement is crucial”
June 22

“Grey fur dots your tuxedo black,”
The Leaving Bell

“the children ran out of the school”
leaving eden
“snakes and burning were all”
Lost Memories
“Wake to screaming”
Love Haiku -haiku (duh)
“love is knowing the”

A Man of Substance -quatorzain
“A man of substance had been led astray,”
The Mask
“I wear the face I keep”
Monday’s Child
“The first day of the week was not my cup”

“nails must be uniform length”
An Ode to Socks

“Socks, socks, beauteous socks!”
“Pressed against the glass”
Organized Rejection
“I refuse to kneel before their god”

“It is not for you”
Past Regrets (or, Shy)
“There was a time”
“My wonderful woman, or women–”
Peace -senryu
“that magic feeling”
Plums -tanka
“My deviant mouth”
The Power of a Word
“hasten onward”

a reprieve
“when the dust has settled”
Romeo Before Juliet
“He brandished his knife,”

seasons -haiku
“if I could stop now”
The Seasons Personified

“the last time I saw Spring”
See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil
“The last time we spoke”
Shakespeare Said It Best
“Love allows no impediment to it,”
Silhouette of the Jabberwock -haiku
“After brillig-tide”
A Song of Smash Brothers
“Mario arrives with friends aplenty:”
Sonnet of Pain -sonnet
“Pain in my joints comes and goes like the tide”
Springtime in a Field
“The wind is fierce tonight, she says.”
Strike Anywhere (or, Of Kerosene and Phosphorous)
“All it takes is a flick”
Stuffing -tanka
“I know that I have”
Subatomic Love
“What I know of love”
Sunset on Oshawa Creek
“The trees are black against a pastel sky,”
The Surgeon -cinquain
“I grip”

The Taste of Blood
“I remember”
There is a Ghost
“There is a ghost who walks the streets”
thoughts at 3am -butterfly cinquain
“the smoke”
Thoughts on the Shore of Balsam Lake
“The cries of gulls and children”
Trapped -tanka
“You snared me in your”
Travelling Alone
“Watch the busiest highway in Canada:”

The Waiting Room
“Beige is perfectly designed to suck the marrow”

“the wail of harmonica and voice”
Warning Labels

“For your own safety”
We Get Along Like a House on Fire
“His smile was like dying in a best friend’s arms”
White Noise
“crackle crackle hisss”
Words of Love
“Carve your words into my skin”
Writer’s Block
“Snowy endless field”

Various untitled works:
do you ever”
Fibonacci poems #1 and #2
“The grime smothers the city”
handling” -shadorma
heavy breather next” -haiku/senryu
I wish I knew how” -haiku
just another pointless lament”
just because” -shadorma
“the loathsome” -piku
murder is never” -haiku/senryu
outside my window there is”
noisy” -cinquain
relief comes pouring” -haiku/senryu
roses are” -shadorma
“the shimmering heat” -senryu
Thank you for this poem”
they say” -cinquain
Time is a fickle beast,”
Wear the badge of shame upon your chest;” -limerick


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