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The Mask, or, Eleanor Rigby

This is so unpolished, but I’m posting it anyway. Clearly and obviously inspired by the song by the Beatles.

The Mask, or, Eleanor Rigby

I wear the face I keep
By the door in a jar
For everyone I meet;
The face of happiness,
A lie I must tell to
The faceless crowds of fools.
Eleanor Rigby’s face
That of a woman, false,
Is still my fate to wear
To everyone I see,
Never knowing my truth-
The face behind the face
In a jar by the door
To try on, to hide with,
To lie and lie and lie.
My faults and true feelings
Hidden behind such a mask,
The guise of day to day
Living; such deceit takes
Its toll- my mask has holes,
Pitted with age and war,
Worn far before its time
Wrinkled with the cares of
An older self. I must
Rebuild my public face
To stand the scrutiny
Of everyone I meet.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Important announcement coming in July.



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