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Found Poetry: Is it Beginning?

Okay, so found poetry is cool.

I thought I’d give it a go, using the lyrics of the Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows. Because I am a huge Beatles nerd, and it was playing while I pondered scouring my bookshelves for something to cobble together. Maybe it is more coincidence than design.

Also, this is harder to do than it looks.

Is it Beginning?

It is all play:
Existence is the game;
Hate and love and ignorance;
Beginning, end; Living, dead.

May you see meaning within
The shining thought,
The knowing void.

Float downstream,
Not dying, not being,
Knowing everyone.

Relax. It is not surrender.
Turn down your mind,
Mourn the dying, and
Love the living.

© Bridget Noonan, 2012.

I don’t know how anyone else does it, but a pencil and a pad of paper seem to work wonders with this sort of thing- one page with the original work, one with your derivative work. Though I don’t recommend crossing things out on your original work, because if you change things, eraser tends to muck it all up. The trials and tribulations of artistry! 😛

Edit: I feel a little bit bad for those words I didn’t end up using. They look so forlorn on that abandoned yellow page.



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The Mask, or, Eleanor Rigby

This is so unpolished, but I’m posting it anyway. Clearly and obviously inspired by the song by the Beatles.

The Mask, or, Eleanor Rigby

I wear the face I keep
By the door in a jar
For everyone I meet;
The face of happiness,
A lie I must tell to
The faceless crowds of fools.
Eleanor Rigby’s face
That of a woman, false,
Is still my fate to wear
To everyone I see,
Never knowing my truth-
The face behind the face
In a jar by the door
To try on, to hide with,
To lie and lie and lie.
My faults and true feelings
Hidden behind such a mask,
The guise of day to day
Living; such deceit takes
Its toll- my mask has holes,
Pitted with age and war,
Worn far before its time
Wrinkled with the cares of
An older self. I must
Rebuild my public face
To stand the scrutiny
Of everyone I meet.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

Important announcement coming in July.


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