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Hello again fellas! I have written a series of piku poems before, and I thought I’d give it another go. Enjoy!


no, I won’t
from this feeling.

no, I won’t
growing bolder.

courage is

to survive.
is no reason

to deny
no more running.

(C) Bridget Noonan, 2012.

Cowards allow fear to rule.
Fools don’t realize there’s anything to fear at all.
The brave know fear intimately, but do what they must.



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Echoes of Life

This is an odd little form whose name I do not know: 7-5-7-7-7-5, and all the seven syllable lines rhyme, and both of the five syllable lines rhyme. If you’d like an example, see Sorrow by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Or read the poem I just wrote.

Echoes of Life

Echoes of life linger here;
They won’t wash away.
In this house they catch my ear,
In the hall they draw out fear,
My breath catches with a tear;
I don’t want to stay.

My childhood life lingers here,
Memories of gray.
Traces of my yesteryear,
Ghosts of the past crowd so near,
I can see them all too clear
In the light of day.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

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Baseball Blues

This week’s Three Word Wednesday prompt is a good one: foolish, mercy, relish. Let’s see how you think I did.

Baseball Blues

Ketchup and relish dripped
Off the side of a hot dog
As the children watched,
Horrified by the home team.

Out after out after out,
The foolish men on the field
Couldn’t seem to make it;
Little shoulders drooped.

As the runs mounted higher
In the opponents’ favour,
The smallest began to cry
At his first baseball game ever.

The oldest lad, who had seen
It all -had caught a foul ball
Just last week- shared some
Wisdom with the group:

“You win some, you lose some.”
What mercy or comfort is in that?
The littlest fan wondered,
But dried his tears to cheer harder.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

It’s always disappointing when your team loses, especially if it’s the first time you’ve gone to see them in the stadium. I’m not really a sports person, normally. In fact, I can’t watch baseball- it’s like watching paint dry for me, haha. Hockey’s not bad on TV (I’m not insane enough to sell a leg to buy Leafs tickets), and lacrosse is awesome anywhere, but baseball’s really only fun if you’re playing.


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