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Two-fer today!

Sometimes I write things down in my little fat notebook and promptly forget them, because gawd-damn they are depressing. I thought I’d share two of them today!

Untitled #1
Or, whoa did I watch Metropolis (1927 film) that day?

The grime smothers the city
From thousands of pounding feet
And spinning wheels daily
The lives of the workers are bleak
Forever in motion, without rest
No hope of something greater.
The cold bites their fingers
Numb to everything but the
Endless expanse of grey sky, black dirt.
Is there anything more than this,
The vast suffering of faceless drones?

© Bridget Noonan, 2010, 2012.

Untitled #2
Or, apparently I was not happy with humanity

just another pointless lament
listless animalistic stereotype
bored with endless ennui
cloudy of mind, purposeless
a wandering soul searching for
the next thing to live for
and the next and the next
a quest for the newest stimulation
ultimately in vain, because
it too shall becomes tiresome
and the cycle shall repeat and repeat
the quest the resolution and again
why the unsatisfactory quest
just to be doomed to seek, find and lose?

© Bridget Noonan, 2010, 2012.


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I wrote this for Three Word Wednesday. This week’s words were grin, jumble and naked.


he strides the beach with
a joyful bounce in his step,
nervous grin upon his face and
a small velvet box in his pocket

he reminds himself not to
mumble through his speech,
jumble the careful phrases
or sweat too much-

she loves him, and he knows
she is going to say yes
but he wants it to be
perfection for them both

he remembers that she walks
this stretch of beach on Tuesdays
after work, and wants to surprise
his love at her favourite spot

and surprise her he does
with a high cry of dismay,
naked as the day she was born
wrapped up in a coworker.

© Bridget Noonan, 2011.

I have done much better.
For one thing, the title is too punny. And there’s not enough buildup. The whole thing feels cliche. I need to get the emotion to come across more strongly. Ugh.
UNsatisfied with my work this weekend, as you might have guessed.

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